Introducing artifact URLs in the Query endpoint

Josie Anugerah, the Open Source Insights Team

Today we’re adding artifact URLs to our v3alpha/Query endpoint. Since the API was launched in April 2023, has supported mapping artifacts to package versions using content hashes.

From user feedback, we discovered that some of the results were surprising. To address this, we’re providing more information about why a hash matches a package version through a new artifacts field in the Query endpoint response. This artifacts field contains the URL of the artifact the hash was calculated from.

This is a breaking change to the v3alpha/Query endpoint. As mentioned in the v3 API blog post, v3alpha is intended for experimental features and v3 for stability. Features that become stable in v3alpha will eventually be added to the v3 API as a non-breaking change. If you have a critical application depending on the API and are still using v3alpha, consider migrating to v3.